Retrieve Deleted Files

  • Effectively recover deleted compressed files from NTFS and FAT formatted drives.
  • Preview feature is available to view the files prior to saving them.
  • Recover files deleted by third party applications.
  • Restore deleted files from flash drive, USB drives, memory cards, external hard drives and iPods.

The information present in the systems and other storage devices are stored in the form of some files. All these files have some extensions with them using which one can recognize which type of file it is and hence use the appropriate application to open the files. Some of the types of files that can be stored in the system are audio, video, image, documents and others that are required for the operating system to run in the background and complete the tasks that are assigned. As accidents tend to happen, the files present in the system might get deleted due to certain reasons as mentioned below. This deletion of files can halt the work, so need not worry on how to get back the deleted data as file recovery tool can retrieve deleted files from the system or from other devices within less span of time.

Reasons that cause deletion of files from the system:

Accidental Deletion: All the files are stored in the system in the particular drive. As and when needed these files are used along with the application that are required to open them. Sometimes while previewing these files, the user accidentally selects all the files and press the Shift+delete key from the keyboard thereby removing the files from the system. When you use Shift+Del keys, the files directly bypass the recycle bin folder which stores the deleted files for safety reasons just in case if the deleted file is required again resulting in loss of files. In case of files deleted from USB drives check out page

Damaged Drive: When the drive present in the system gets damaged as a result of virus attack or due to power surge, the data present in that particular drive cannot be accessed. To get access, the user must format the drive, which leads to deletion of all the files that are present in it. The might also get corrupted as result of system crash or abrupt shut down of the system.

Third Party Applications: Third party applications are nothing but applications that are individually developed to run within the operating system. While updating or while upgrading to newer versions of the application, these tools may delete certain important files that are present in the operating system and hence cause loss of data.

File recovery tool restores all the files that are deleted from the system and lists these files in a particular order on the basis of name, file size, date of creation of the particular file, type of extensions used. With the help simple graphical user interface developed within the application, you can easily get to know how to recover shift deleted files which are deleted directly without entering the recycle bin. Find option has been inbuilt within the tool to find the files that are recovered from the system. This software effectively helps in the recovery of files from various partitions like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and Ex-fat partitions.

With the special scanning algorithms developed within the application, you can recover deleted avi files that were stored on the system. Visit Here for more information regarding AVI file recovery. This tool provides “Data View” or “File Type View” of the recovered data which makes it easy for the user to analyze them. The recovered files can be previewed prior to saving them on the desired location on the destination drive. To efficiently retrieve deleted files from mac operating system, a separate tool has been developed. Check This page out to get Mac edition of software

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Steps to retrieve deleted files from the system:

Step1: Download and install the application program in the system by logging in as system administrator. Click on the “Recover Files” from the main screen to start with the recovery process.

Retrieve Deleted Files - Main Page

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step2: Click on “Recover Deleted Files” and select the particular drive from where the files were deleted.

Retrieve Deleted Files - Select Deleted Files

Fig 2: Select Recovery Mode Screen

Step3: The recovered files are listed and can be previewed prior to saving them on the desired location in the destination drive.

Retrieve Deleted Files - Save File Page

Fig 3: Preview File Screen